Veggie Brinner

Veggie Brinner (Breakfast For Dinner)

Made not really famous by Turk from scrubs the brinner is a classic in most student households. A good old fashioned fry up but in the evening.

So we thought how can we make this meal detox friendly. As we know meat contains certain toxins you will be trying to flush out on your 14 day teatox we looked at creating a vegetarian option.

Veggie Brinner Recipe

This is pretty quick and easy to make and is surprisingly tasty (even the meat free bacon!)


Veggie Brinner IngredientsFor out veggie brinner we used:

  • 2 eggs
  • Reduced sugar and salt baked beans (small can size, half the normal can size)
  • 2 Quorn vegetarian sausages
  • 2 Quorn meat free bacon rashers
  • 1 tomato
  • Handful of mushrooms

Get cooking

You can griddle or grill the sausages according to the packaging instructions which suggests 12 minutes. Start cooking those off first then depending on how well cooked you like your mushrooms then quarter slice and add them into a frying pan.

Veggie Brinner CookingWe used a couple of squirts of the 1 calorie spray fry light.

Pot your beans in a pan and get them cooking.

Slice your tomato in 2 and add to the frying pan. Cook to your taste, if you like it well done then pop it in early.

All you have left to do is add your bacon (Quorn suggest cooking for at least 2 minutes).

Veggie BrinnerThen poach your eggs!

Combine it all on your plate and viola, veggie brinner is served!

Veggie Brinner – Summary

Although not yet officially part of our flexible eating plan this meal is low calorie, veggie friendly and packed with protein.

We will get the nutritionists to take a look at the dish and get back to you with their verdict!