Tap Water For Green Tea

Should I Use Tap Water For Green Tea?

Water For Green TeaThat’s a question we sometimes get asked when out customers first try our 14 day teatox. Should I use bottled water, water straight from the tap or would it be best if I use a brita filter?

Comparing all the different types of bottled water might be a whole other subject, as there’s so many different types in different countries. There have been claims that some bottled water is just recycled tap water! We’re not going to dive into that controversial subject just yet! For the record we drink loads of bottled water in the office!

We’re based in the UK and unlike some other parts in the world it is actually ok to drink from the tap in our country and we normally go for that option. But we do have an ever increasing customer base growing world wide so we did a bit of research on the subject and came across the art of japanese tea blog.

Bottled Water, Filtered or Tap Water for Green Tea?

One of their authors ‘Griff’ produced an article called Water:What you need to know.

He explains the benefits and gives some great advice and how you can create the best brew with your green tea.

Griff uses a brita filter system before filling his kettle, but Brita sell a few models, and our next port of call is to see which brita filter system is best for us.

There’s a Brita comparison table on their website. Once we get ours sorted we’ll post a review.

Happy Brewing!