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Teatox Diet – Why People Are Getting Great Results

The teatox diet is becoming ever increasingly popular recently for a number of reasons. It’s not regimented like a traditional diet and it doesn’t require you to buy any expensive equipment like a juicer.

It’s simply a case of using the natural antioxidants found in green tea and adjusting your diet slightly.

In this post we list the top reasons why people are going tea total with the teatox diet.

What Is The Teatox Diet?

The teatox diet is a natural way of cleansing your digestive system of toxins that could be preventing you from losing weight.

If you binge drink or eat an unhealthy diet your body could be full of toxins. These toxins could be causing bad hair, skin, teeth and nails as well as stopping your body from burning fat at a higher rate.

You would normally find toxins in alcohol, fatty foods and a lot of meats.

By introducing green tea to your diet and cutting out the toxins can cleanse your body of the toxins allowing you to burn more fat. It will make all that extra time in the gym pay off!

I Don’t Like Green Tea – Can I Still Do The Teatox Diet

Luckily you’ve hit the right website as our teatox is designed for those of you who don’t like green tea.

Our premium sencha green tea are infused with Strawberry and Papaya for a refreshingly great taste.

The Ultra 14 Day Teatox has two types of tea. The first is the Strawberry green tea that we’ve already mentioned along with a zero caffeine herbaceous mix to drink in the evening.

Both teas are great tasting using only the best quality ingredients to make a fantastic brew.

What Food Can I Eat On The Teatox Diet?

We’ve made this part very easy and flexible to fit around your busy lifestyle. We don’t believe that you need to starve yourself in order to lose weight.

When you order your teatox diet product from us we will always include your flexible eating plan. The plan details all the options you can choose from throughout the day. You can add more vegetables to your meals if you don’t feel full and you can even snack on a bit of dark chocolate if you get cravings.

Want To Try Our Teatox?

Take a look at our Ultra 14 Day Teatox Diet

The Ultra 14 Day Teatox Diet contains 14 days worth of our Strawberry Daytox and 14 Days worth of our caffeine free herbaceous Nightox.

What Are Other People Saying About The Teatox Diet?

Since launching our business we have had a few bloggers review our teatox diet.

Lexi Johnsons a travel blogger wrote a great article about how to get healthy for taking on the outdoors this winter. She talks about how getting more sleep will help you feel more energised, how getting outdoors and getting more fresh air too. She then goes onto how important it is to cleanse. Here’s where our teatox diet came in, she found the taste amazing and it formed a great part of her new healthy programme.