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Best Teatox – 5 Reasons Why You Should Try This One

So you’re looking for the best teatox and you’ve hit this page?

You now know you want to try a teatox but want to find the most effective one!

Let’s get cracking then, here are the 5 reasons why the D3TOX Teatox is the best!

1. You Don’t Have To Starve Yourself With The Best Teatox!

Here at D3TOX towers we have collaborated with qualified nutritionists to create a flexible eating plan for you to follow as you teatox.

You know you’ll be drinking a special blend of green tea but you don’t know what you need to eat.

Our flexible eating plan puts all the worry and stress out of a conventional diet!

If you find the meals don’t fill you up, you can add more vegetables.

If you find yourself hungry between meals you can snack on a bit of dark chocolate!

You won’t get bored eating the same things either as there are plenty of options to choose from throughout the day.

Each of the meals are easy and quick to prepare and you should find everything you need at the local supermarket.

2. The Tea Tastes Great With The Best Teatox

Before starting our company we tried a teatox, it worked ok for us but the tea tasted horrible. We hadn’t drank a lot of green tea before so we made it our mission to create a great tasting teatox tea.

We cracked it by infusing real strawberries and papaya with luxury sencha green tea leaves from the Hunan Province in China.

Our nightime tea also tastes amazing! It’s a blend of spices such as cloves and cardamom provide wonderful warmth which is balanced by the addition of Rose Hip, Anise, Liquorice, Nettle and Raspberry.

If you have been put off by bad tasting green tea before we urge you to try ours.

3. You Get A Fast And Reliable Service With The Best Teatox

We ship all of our orders straight away via royal mail’s 1st class delivery service.

We package all of our tea carefully into padded envelopes and seal them securely to make sure your teatox arrives safely.

5. The Cheapest Is Also The Best Teatox

Our 14 day teatox is currently only £9.99 which includes 14 days worth of our unique Strawberry green tea blend along with our 14 day flexible eating plan.

We can’t find a cheaper 14 day teatox out there!

6. The Best Teatox Has Great Reviews

There have been a number of success stories with our teatox and with written a post in more detail called 14 day teatox success stories.

We’ve also had a few bloggers post positive reviews about us too!

Get Gawjus a beauty lifetime and fashion blog wrote a post detailing their Teatox – The Ultimate Post-Christmas Cleanse

Elsie Delilah also had great things to say about our teatox too! With her article called Go #TeaTotal this January with Teatox.

We also got a mention on the Lexi Travels blog too! On their article Get Healthy For Taking On The Outdoors This Winter.


Teatoxify your life – Dieters Have Been Waiting For This!

The new way to cleanse in 2015 is to teatoxify, and it’s the simplest and most natural way to help you achieve your goals.

What Does Teatoxify Mean?

If you teatoxify, you a are performing a teatox. Which is essentially a detox using the natural antioxidants in green tea.

Green tea has been used for hundreds of years in China for it’s health benefits and healing properties.

It is widely thought of as the healthiest drink you can get, even more than water!

If you would like more information on the health benefits of Green Tea we have written a post called Green Tea Is It Really That Healthy

If I Teatoxify Will I Lose Weight?

The toxins in your body could be preventing you from burning as much despite all your efforts in the gym.

They can also lead to a number of diseases too.

If you perform one of our teatoxes you will be flushing these toxins away whilst avoiding consuming too many more.

This should leave you feeling energised, motivated and help you burn more fat and calories.

Sounds Great But I don’t Like The Taste Of Green Tea!

This is how are company was born, we wanted to provide a delicious tasting detoxing green tea.

We achieved it by infusing strawberry and papaya with luxury loose leaf green tea leaves from China.

Our evening tea is also a delicate herbaceous mix with spices such as cloves and cardamom provide wonderful warmth which is balanced by the addition of Rose Hip, Anise, Liquorice, Nettle and Raspberry.

If you want to read more about our green tea, go check out our post purely about our Strawberry Tea

Has It Worked For Anyone Else?

It worked for us! Another reason why we started the company.

We have loads of customers who order out teatox regularly as they love the taste and the programme works for them.

A number of customers love our flexible eating plan as they have loads of options for each meal and they don’t have to starve themselves.

We even allow you to nibble on a bit of dark chocolate in between meals if you feel really peckish!.

Want to try our Teatox?

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Strawberry Tea

Strawberry Tea – Get the best tasting Green Tea in the UK

Are you looking for a delicious tasting strawberry tea?

Would you be keen to know that our unique green tea has some amazing added health benefits?

Our strawberry tea is part of our very popular teatox because of it’s naturally high level of antioxidants.

What Is a Teatox?

A teatox is essentially a detox with tea.

Our unique blend of strawberry tea includes luxury pan fried sencha green tea leaves infused with real strawberries and naturally dried papaya.

Drinking our tea once a day will give your digestive system and intensive cleanse removing loads of toxins along the way.

If you follow our flexible eating plan you will also avoid consuming too many more toxins leaving you feel energised and motivated.

The toxins in you body could be preventing you from burning as much fat as you could be doing without them.

This process should make your exercise regime pay off with better results!

High levels of toxins in your body could be preventing you from burning high levels of calories and fat.

Why Strawberry Tea?

Not many people like the bland taste of a ‘normal’ green tea but want to have the added health benefits of drinking green tea.

That’s why our strawberry tea has become so popular, it’s an incredibly healthy drink that tastes great, is 100% natural and is really easy to prepare!

Our strawberry tea is infuses real freeze dried strawberries with naturally dried papaya for a delicately fresh taste.

Why Try Our D3TOX Strawberry Tea?

After trying the juice diet we got a bit fed up with the time it took not only to prepare fresh juices each day, but the time it took to clean up afterwards.

We lost a few pounds but put it straight back on again.

We wanted a long term solution to hep us achieve our long term weight goals but would also fit into our busy lifestyle.

Our Strawberry tea is delicious and come with a flexible eating plan so you can try a 14 day teatox to see how you can make changes that will bring about long term results.

Try our Teatox Today, Only £9.99 for our 14 Day Teatox with free flexible eating plan.

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For more information on the health benefits of strawberry tea try the diet health club website

A teatox is quite a new term used to describe detox plan using tea, which would normally be a green tea blend.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants one of the reasons why it is the most healthiest drink you can find on our lovely little planet.

A teatox is designed to rid your body of toxins that preventing your body from burning fat at your optimum rate. A number of people are turning to a teatox as an alternative to a juice diet, or other form of diet.

Why Teatox?

TeatoxSo why do people choose a teatox over a diet? Specifically a juice diet?

Cost The cost of all the fresh fruit and vegetables required to make all the juice drinks can become quite costly. A lot of juicers on the market can also be quite expensive, everything adds up!
Fasting Most juice diets require you to only drink the juice drinks themselves, some people find it hard to complete a juice diet as they are so hungry. It’s a massive change from their normal diet that it’s hard to complete.
Time The time it takes to prepare all the juices can become too much for people with busy modern lifestyles.
Long Term Results If you are fasting on a juice diet and make no long term changes to your lifestyle you will most likely put the weight back on that you lost on a juice diet.

Our teatox comes with a free flexible eating plan with hints and tips for when you get hungry. We do not support the idea of you starving yourself for short term results.

What kind of tea is there in a teatox?

TeatoxThe tea in our teatox is a unique blend of sencha green tea leaves infused with Strawberries and Papaya for a distinctively fruit, fresh taste.

Our luxury loose tea comes in premium pyramid tea bags to make it quicker and easier for you to brew.

Simply add your tea bag to boiling water as you normally would and get brewing.

Our Teatox tastes amazing! You smell the delicious Strawberry flavours as soon as you open the packet.

Where can I get a teatox?

We are currently looking for independent health stores to stock our delicious green to but at the moment the only place you can buy our teatox is online.

We have made buying our teatox really simple with our easy to use checkout.

Once your order is confirmed we will post it straight away using royal mail’s first class delivery service.

Want to try our teatox?

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Why is the D3TOX Teatox the best?

We believe our teatox is head and shoulders above the rest for two main reasons.

Taste a lot of people seem put off trying a teatox because they do not like green tea. Those people obviously haven’t tried our green tea yet!

We use luxury green tea leaves that are pan fried and then combined with freeze dried Strawberries and Papaya.

We get great feedback on the taste and smell of our tea.

Flexible eating plan we do not believe that you need to starve your self to reach your weight goals. If your body can burn fat and calories at your optimum then achieving long term goals can become easier.

Our flexible eating plan is full of a great range or meals that are easier to prepare and can be on your plate within 15 minutes.

It’s not strict or regimented in any way. Just choose from a selection of dishes at each point during the day.

Drink plenty of water and munch on a piece of dark chocolate if you find yourself hungry in between meals.

Want to try our teatox?

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Herbal Tea

Herbal Teas are amazing and our favourite kind of tea

Herbal Tea is our Friend, is it yours too?

We absolutely love tea, especially the herbal variety. Green, black, red, yellow, there’s load of variety and they come loose or in bags.

Herbal teas are really very healthy, combined with a healthy diet and active lifestyle they can contribute hugely to you feeling your best.

Of course we love our own herbal tea that forms a vital part of our 14 day teatox but I guess you could say we are biased! But we think you’ll agree, when you smell and taste the lovely strawberry and papaya mixed with the premium green tea leaves.

Our herbal tea is designed (along with the flexible eating plan) as a way for you to detox and lose weight, but we’ve spent alot of time designing a blend that tastes and smells great too!

Herbal TeaWe’re also big fans of Egyptian camomile tea, it’s a very soothing and calming drink, sometimes we’ll have a cheeky cup of camomile before bed after a very stressful day. We prefer a zero caffeine tea, so if you’re thinking of having one before bed just check the caffeine content.

We mentioned red tea or rooibos to you connoisseurs, which again can be very relaxing, you’ve probably seen Tetley’s Redbush tea in the supermarket.

So there you have it, hopefully you can see why we do what we do (we love tea!)

If you want a bit more information on recommended herbal teas vogue did a really good article on their favourite brands of herbal tea over on their website.

We would love to hear your favourite teas so add them in the comments below, don’t worry about mentioning other brands of herbal teas we’re not precious (honest!) we would genuinely like to hear your favourites and maybe we’ll give them a try too!


Rooibos Tea – What is it? Find out here

Rooibos Tea – You May Know It As Redbush Tea

Rooibos loosely translates to Red Bush in Afrikaans, a tea that you may have tried already. The plant is grown on the planes of South Africa the leaves are known locally as rooibos (pronounced “roy-boss”) and it is made from the leaves of the rooibos plant, who’s botanical name is Aspalathus linearis.

Rooibos LeavesThe leaves of the plant are actually green, it is just when the leaves are dried in preparation for brewing the turn a dark red colour.

A rooibos or red bush tea will be low in caffeine and high in levels of antioxidants making it a great tea for a detox. You may have heard that herbal teas like rooibos produce a laxative side effect, but this simply isn’t true. There are no known side effects of a rooibos tea and it is in fact a very healthy drink.

Depending on the blend you would normally drink a cup of rooibos tea like you would any normal black tea, adding milk or sugar to taste. You could also try adding some lemon or honey if you’re feeling a bit adventurous.

Rooibos Tea for A Detox?

We love red bush tea, and drink it regularly however our blend of green tea is much more effective for a detox or teatox. If you like the red bush flavour and would like to have a healthy cup of tea then the rooibos is an excellent choice. If you would like a thorough cleanse of your digestive system that also removes toxins from your body helping you lose weight, get clearer skin and feel great then try our 14 Day Teatox.

Our green tea comes in handy pyramid bags, that makes the brewing process much easier and our premium green tea is infused with real strawberries and papaya for a refreshing taste.

Health Benefits of Rooibos tea

Don’t just take our word for it, many others will agree that rooibos tea is a extremely healthy drink. The underground health website have written an article called 10 Health Benefits Of Rooibos Tea. They point our that rooibos is naturally caffeine free whilst containing powerful antioxidants and has a high mineral content.


Green Tea Is It Really That Healthy?

Green Tea The Healthiest Drink There Is

The reigning champion of healthiest beverage on planet Earth is Green Tea which is bursting to the rim with antioxidants and nutrients that have a massive effect on your body.

There’s a smaller amount of caffeine in green tea than there is in coffee, which can give you that little boost in the morning without the overkill buzzing feeling you get from a normal coffee. Green Tea also includes the amino acid L-theanine that works pro actively with caffeine to boost your brain function.

Green TeaGreen Tea is looking pretty impressive so far bursting with antioxidants with a little bit of caffeine and helps your brain function, it can’t get any better can it?

Yes, well it can actually.

Check the ingredients list of pretty much every fat burning supplement and you’ll find green tea forms a major part of it.

Green Tea has been proved to boost the metabolism of humans in a number of scientific trials!

So if you want to detox, be more alert and kick start your metabolism enjoy a nice cup of green tea.

Green Tea, what’s the difference?

People often ask us what the difference between green tea and the regular tea they normally drink. Well it’s all in the preparation, black tea is allowed the oxidise before it’s dried. Green tea is normally steamed or pan fried.

The green tea in our 14 Day Teatox is pan fried sencha style.

The ‘Kitchn’ website has written an in depth article on the differences between green and black tea, you might find it quite interesting!

what is a teatox

What is a Teatox, Why is everyone raving about it?

So what is a teatox? Although green teas have been drunk throughout the ages especially in Asia the teatox is a new(ish) term.

The teatox is a revolutionary detox tea plan. That’s right a cup of tea that will detoxify your body. The “D3tox” teatox is specifically blended to get rid of those nasty toxins and have you feeling ship shape.

what is a teatoxThe Shape website claim the rise in popularity of the teatox is because people can’t stomach the green juice diets, and we would agree! We tried a juice diet and it got a bit messy in the kitchen and wasn’t very appetising (one of the reasons we created our own teatox!). If you want to read more of what shape has to say check our their article – Teatox: The Newest Way to Detox.

The detox tea is specially formulated to cleanse your body of toxins and is a delicious tasting hot beverage.

You’ll carry on drinking this tea after your detox plan is over because it is just that tasty.

Green Tea is well known as a healthy drink and forms a major part of our 14 day teatox along with our flexible healthy eating plan. But there maybe some benefits you are unaware of.

What is a teatox? A teatox is a detox using tea, normally green or rooibos tea. We use a luxury loose leaf sencha green tea infused with strawberry and papaya for a unique and deliciously fruity taste.

Benefits of the Green Tea in your Teatox

If you want some more detail on the benefits of green tea we would recommend this article on the raw food world website called Studies on green tea show even more significant health benefits

In the article they reveal some interesting results from nursing homes on how green tea seemed to increase mental health function.

Our Luxury loose leaf sencha green tea comes in handy easy to brew pyramid bags. It’s so simple and easy to make.

Tell me more about your teatox!

TeatoxOur Teatox combines our premium green tea blend infused with real strawberries and papaya with our 14 day flexible eating plan. The eating plan is a not a regimented diet, it includes a number of healthy meals that are easy to prepare, really tasty with simple to follow instructions.

Our teatox is designed to help you lose weight, remove toxins from your body and cleanse your digestive system. It should leave you feeling energised, motivated and active.

Want to try our Teatox?

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