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Strawberry Tea

Strawberry Tea – Get the best tasting Green Tea in the UK

Are you looking for a delicious tasting strawberry tea?

Would you be keen to know that our unique green tea has some amazing added health benefits?

Our strawberry tea is part of our very popular teatox because of it’s naturally high level of antioxidants.

What Is a Teatox?

A teatox is essentially a detox with tea.

Our unique blend of strawberry tea includes luxury pan fried sencha green tea leaves infused with real strawberries and naturally dried papaya.

Drinking our tea once a day will give your digestive system and intensive cleanse removing loads of toxins along the way.

If you follow our flexible eating plan you will also avoid consuming too many more toxins leaving you feel energised and motivated.

The toxins in you body could be preventing you from burning as much fat as you could be doing without them.

This process should make your exercise regime pay off with better results!

High levels of toxins in your body could be preventing you from burning high levels of calories and fat.

Why Strawberry Tea?

Not many people like the bland taste of a ‘normal’ green tea but want to have the added health benefits of drinking green tea.

That’s why our strawberry tea has become so popular, it’s an incredibly healthy drink that tastes great, is 100% natural and is really easy to prepare!

Our strawberry tea is infuses real freeze dried strawberries with naturally dried papaya for a delicately fresh taste.

Why Try Our D3TOX Strawberry Tea?

After trying the juice diet we got a bit fed up with the time it took not only to prepare fresh juices each day, but the time it took to clean up afterwards.

We lost a few pounds but put it straight back on again.

We wanted a long term solution to hep us achieve our long term weight goals but would also fit into our busy lifestyle.

Our Strawberry tea is delicious and come with a flexible eating plan so you can try a 14 day teatox to see how you can make changes that will bring about long term results.

Try our Teatox Today, Only £9.99 for our 14 Day Teatox with free flexible eating plan.

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For more information on the health benefits of strawberry tea try the diet health club website