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14 day teatox

14 Day Teatox Success Stories

With our 14 Day Teatox we have helped so many people detox and lose weight with our unique green tea blend combined with our healthy eating plan.

Our Teatox is infused with real strawberries papaya to produce a fruity, smooth and refreshing cup of tea. Our Tea is blended from Japan Sencha Style leaves that are pan fried and from the Hunan Province, in China that is Grown 2500ft above sea level.

It’s designed to cleanse your digestive systems, remove toxins from your body and help you burn fat and calories. Combigning the green tea with our healthy eating plan you could start feeling and looking great within a few weeks.

14 Day Teatox Success Stories – Rachel

One of our customers Rachel says “I was googling detoxes and this one had the best some really good reviews and case studys! All that I read was genuine as well! It was heavenly and I could truly see it working. It made my body feel cleaner and that persuaded me to want to eat more healthily and take a shot at the 14 day teatox! Particularly with your rules the entire methodology appeared to be straight forward however very accommodating! I’d doubtlessly propose it to anyone!”

Teatox Review – Natalie

Another one of fans is Natalie, she tried our Tea and loves it. “I’ve been getting more fit and losing a bit of weight for a year and yet hit a glass ceiling where I wasn’t toning up or shedding pounds any longer, then I read about the 14 day teatox from D3TOX and chose to try it, I was totally astounded at the results after simply a week!I t totally goes to show that if you really give it a proper good go you can definately achieve the results you’re looking for.”

Teatox Success Story – Karen

14 day teatox successKaren from Southampton tried our 14 day day Teatox for the first time recently. “After the full 14 days I didn’t feel hungry or tired, I had loads more energy and i’ve been inspired to join a local netball team, my skin feels and looks amazing and I finally managed to cut a few inches from my waist and bum which is what I’d been struggling with for ages I’m delighted with my 7lb weight loss after a 14 day teatox! I genuinely am really delighted with my results” Karen went onto say “I still can’t believe how effective the tea was! It smells so great when you open the packet you can instantly smell the strawberry, i’ve tried green tea before but really didn’t like the taste!”