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what is a teatox

What is a Teatox, Why is everyone raving about it?

So what is a teatox? Although green teas have been drunk throughout the ages especially in Asia the teatox is a new(ish) term.

The teatox is a revolutionary detox tea plan. That’s right a cup of tea that will detoxify your body. The “D3tox” teatox is specifically blended to get rid of those nasty toxins and have you feeling ship shape.

what is a teatoxThe Shape website claim the rise in popularity of the teatox is because people can’t stomach the green juice diets, and we would agree! We tried a juice diet and it got a bit messy in the kitchen and wasn’t very appetising (one of the reasons we created our own teatox!). If you want to read more of what shape has to say check our their article – Teatox: The Newest Way to Detox.

The detox tea is specially formulated to cleanse your body of toxins and is a delicious tasting hot beverage.

You’ll carry on drinking this tea after your detox plan is over because it is just that tasty.

Green Tea is well known as a healthy drink and forms a major part of our 14 day teatox along with our flexible healthy eating plan. But there maybe some benefits you are unaware of.

What is a teatox? A teatox is a detox using tea, normally green or rooibos tea. We use a luxury loose leaf sencha green tea infused with strawberry and papaya for a unique and deliciously fruity taste.

Benefits of the Green Tea in your Teatox

If you want some more detail on the benefits of green tea we would recommend this article on the raw food world website called Studies on green tea show even more significant health benefits

In the article they reveal some interesting results from nursing homes on how green tea seemed to increase mental health function.

Our Luxury loose leaf sencha green tea comes in handy easy to brew pyramid bags. It’s so simple and easy to make.

Tell me more about your teatox!

TeatoxOur Teatox combines our premium green tea blend infused with real strawberries and papaya with our 14 day flexible eating plan. The eating plan is a not a regimented diet, it includes a number of healthy meals that are easy to prepare, really tasty with simple to follow instructions.

Our teatox is designed to help you lose weight, remove toxins from your body and cleanse your digestive system. It should leave you feeling energised, motivated and active.

Want to try our Teatox?

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