Teatox Norwich

A number of our customer’s have been asking us if they can source our teatox locally in places like Norwich, East Anglia.

What Is a Teatox

A teatox is designed to remove toxins from your body with the help of a special green tea blend. Green tea can help flush your body of toxins that stop you from burning as much fat.

Toxins can also be the cause of some diseases, bad skin, teeth and hair.

Our Special Green Tea is supported by our flexible eating plan than helps you maximise the process of toxin removal! The eating plan is really easy to follow, with meals that are simple to prepare. It is a meat free eating plan as meat contains some of the toxins you will be trying to remove with the teatox.

A teatox is a kind of detox – the process of removing toxins from your body using Green tea.

The Norwich Teatox

Our Teatox is available in Norwich via our first class delivery service by royal mail and we hope to have it stocked in local independent stores soon too.

Norwich is a city in the county of Norfolk in the UK, the region is also known as East Anglia. We deliver our Teatox to Norwich by first class post via royal mail.

About Norwich

Norwich home of the Canaries, Delia Smith, Stephen Fry and much more, Norwich is a city steeped in history.

Norwich Health StoreFound in East Anglia in the county or Norfolk Norwich used to be the second largest city in England (after London) for around 250 years.

Norwich is also home to the Natural Food Store located on Exchange street in the city centre. Their team experts want to help you eat more healthily and would be well placed to advise you foods to eat to compliment your diet after completing your teatox.

They have been going for over 35 years and have a great reputation for outstanding customer service, we would definitely recommend popping in the next time you are in Norwich.

Never been to Norwich? We recommend the Visit Norwich website to make the most of your trip

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