Teatox Northampton

Teatox Northampton

Do you need a Teatox Northampton? A Teatox is a great way to cleanse your digestive system, burn more fat and help you to feel more energised and motivated.

Many of our customers have tried a juice diet but find:

  • It’s alot of time and effort to prepare all the different kind of juice drinks
  • Creating the juice drinks creates a lot of mess
  • A juicer can be expensive and hard to clean
  • They are really hungry all the time

Our Teatox Northampton is quick and easy, just pop the kettle on, grab a cup and off you go.

Our luxury loose leaf green tea come in pyramid tea bags making it much easier than creating a juice drink from scratch.

Our flexible eating plan doesn’t leave you hungry.

Drinking our green tea is a natural way to detox, make sure you follow our flexible eating plan so you aren’t just replacing the toxins that the tea is helping you remove.


We are a UK based company that have designed a unique luxury green tea blend to form the basis of out teatox.

Drinking our tea and following our flexible eating plan will help you remove the toxins in your body that could be stopping you from burning fat.

D3TOX is based in the UK local to Northampton, we deliver our teatox to our customers in Northampton by royal mail’s first class delivery service.

Teatox Northampton

NorthamptonOur customers can enjoy their teatox in Northampton and receive their order quickly as we use Royal Mail’s first class delivery option.

Your luxury loose leaf sencha green tea (infused with strawberries and papaya) will arrive on your doorstep in Northampton along with our flexible eating plan.

Our teatox is designed to give your digestive system and extensive cleanse of toxins, whilst the flexible eating plan should help reduce the inflow of any more toxins.

The tea in our Teatox is a luxury loose leaf sencha green tea infused with Strawberries and Papaya. The ingredients are: Luxury Green Tea, Freeze dried strawberry, natural dried papaya and natural flavours.

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Independent Health Shop Northampton

We are currently looking for an independent health store in Northampton to stock our Teatox. If you would like to stock our teatox in your store please do get in touch.

If you are visiting Northampton we recommend that you check out the Visit Northamptonshire website to find lots of fun things to do in the area.