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Do you leave the tea bag in green tea

Leave the Tea Bag in green tea or Take it Out?

When it comes to brewing green tea correctly there are two schools of thought. There are those that are strict in their belief that the tea bag should be taken out of the cup at precisely the right time otherwise the tea is sub-standard. On the other hand, there are those that that the practice of taking the tea bag out is not going to affect the quality of the tea. The answer to this question is dependent on many factors.

Etiquette – Should I Leave The Tea Bag In Green Tea

For the traditional tea drinker the rules are strict. The hot water must be poured over the tea and the tea steep for three to five minutes. No more and no less otherwise the tea is more suitable for animal consumption rather than for the enjoyment of humans. Those that stick to this stringent way of tea drinking cannot and will not be deterred. It is the traditional way of drinking tea. It is the way their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents drank tea so, to them, it is the only way.

Science Of The Green Tea Brew

Scientifically, different teas have different chemical make ups and properties. Black teas are the stronger teas so leaving the bag in will only intensify the flavour. Green tea is traditionally brewed to be lighter in both flavour and colour. Green tea is also more delicate and should only be steeped for around three minutes. The differences in teas come down to the tannins in them. Tannins are the flavour notes of the teas. Just like in wines, teas contain tannins as well. Black teas contain more tannins, thus more flavour. To extract all the tannins from green tea it would have to be left in the water for a longer period of time.

The Flavour Impact

green teaGreen teas are good for detoxification. If using green teas to detox your body it is important to test your body’s reactions to both leaving the bag in and taking it out. As stated before the longer the bag is left in the tea the more intense the flavour and also the bitterness that is sometimes associated with green tea. Taking the tea bag out at the traditional three minute mark will produce a fragrant, but not too bitter tea. The lighter taste of the tea will keep you from adding sugars and flavourings to the tea to make it taste better. The bitterness with intensify if the bag is left in and the temptation to add flavourings will be high and these flavourings, although enjoyable, are not always good for detoxing your body.

What do the Experts Say?

As stated earlier, the chemical make up of green tea is very delicate. According to the experts the tea bag should be removed promptly at three minutes. Unlike black tea, brewing green tea for too long can actually burn the tea leaves. The burned tea leaves give off a bad almost putrid flavour. Over steeping green tea is a common mistake.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has long been used by many cultures to fight multiple diseases and improve people’s overall health. Along with how to brew green tea properly, we would like to look at the health benefits of green tea.

Weight Loss With Green Tea

Everyone these days is trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. We as a people have become overweight and looking for ways to help lose a few extra pounds. Green tea can boost your metabolism, giving you more energy. Having more energy will make you want to get out and do something instead of wasting hours on the couch watching television.

Green Tea Lowers Bad Cholesterol

High cholesterol is bad business. There are two types of cholesterol. Green tea works to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol levels.

Green Tea and Diabetes

Green tea will not cure diabetes, but it can help regulate glucose levels naturally. Drinking green tea on regular bases will help to level out sugar levels and cut out those unwanted sugar spikes.

Reduce Wrinkles

There are countless numbers of wrinkle reducing products on the market that claim to take years off of your appearance. The truth is that there is no topical cream that will effectively reduce wrinkles. These creams merely fill in the gaps for a while and act more like spackle than anything else. The saying that true beauty comes from within is correct. Drinking green tea will help to rehydrate skin. Hydrated skin is the key to younger looking skin.

Green tea is truly an awesome drink. It has been used for thousands of years by a variety of cultures and is not going away any time soon. The final answer to the question of should the tea bag be left in or taken out. All evidence points to the fact that the tea bag should be taken out. Green tea is far too delicate and should be handled with care, so next time you are going to enjoy a cup of green tea remember to only brew for three minutes and promptly remove the bag to enjoy all the aromas, flavors, and health benefits of green tea.

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