Green Tea Is It Really That Healthy?

Green Tea The Healthiest Drink There Is

The reigning champion of healthiest beverage on planet Earth is Green Tea which is bursting to the rim with antioxidants and nutrients that have a massive effect on your body.

There’s a smaller amount of caffeine in green tea than there is in coffee, which can give you that little boost in the morning without the overkill buzzing feeling you get from a normal coffee. Green Tea also includes the amino acid L-theanine that works pro actively with caffeine to boost your brain function.

Green TeaGreen Tea is looking pretty impressive so far bursting with antioxidants with a little bit of caffeine and helps your brain function, it can’t get any better can it?

Yes, well it can actually.

Check the ingredients list of pretty much every fat burning supplement and you’ll find green tea forms a major part of it.

Green Tea has been proved to boost the metabolism of humans in a number of scientific trials!

So if you want to detox, be more alert and kick start your metabolism enjoy a nice cup of green tea.

Green Tea, what’s the difference?

People often ask us what the difference between green tea and the regular tea they normally drink. Well it’s all in the preparation, black tea is allowed the oxidise before it’s dried. Green tea is normally steamed or pan fried.

The green tea in our 14 Day Teatox is pan fried sencha style.

The ‘Kitchn’ website has written an in depth article on the differences between green and black tea, you might find it quite interesting!

  • Lizzy White

    I never liked having green tea because I didn’t like the taste of the ones that I tried. Then a friend recommended Halmari tea and I started having the green tea with lemon and I gradually developed a liking to the taste. Today I am addicted to it and make sure to have it every single day. (I even carry tea bags when on a trip. ๐Ÿ˜› ) Green tea is really very healthy and I can say that from my personal experience. I have noticed a lot of change in my health, all for the better!