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Green Tea Diet and Why You Shouldn’t Try It

What Is A Green Tea Diet?

Let’s get one thing straight, Green Tea can help you lose weight and feel great. It is a natural detox drink and the most healthiest drinks of all!

A Green Tea diet however is a strict regimented routine that will not provide long term results.

Drinking green tea with a flexible eating plan to detox your body, can help you achieve your goals.

Green Tea can help you lose weight, but try a flexible eating plan rather than a strict diet. A change in your lifestyle will help you reach long term goals.

How Can Green Tea Help

green tea dietGreen Tea provides a number of health benefits to the body, it can flush out toxins and can kill some bacteria.

Green Tea could help:

Increase your metabolism Your metabolic rate is the speed that your body burns fat. Drinking Green Tea in the morning with a healthy breakfast along with some excercise can help increase your metabolism and help you burn more fat.

Detox The toxins in your body could be restricting you from burning an optimum amount of fat. Green Tea is a natural antioxidant and has been drunk for centuries making it a safe and trusted way to detox.

By drinking our unique premium green tea blend combined with our flexible eating plan you can help increase your metabolism and burn more fat. Try our 14 Day Teatox to see how much more fat you could burn.

More Information On Green Tea Diets

If you would like more information on the proven health benefits of green tea we recommend you read an article on the authority nutrition website. The 10 Proven Benefits of Green Tea article looks at the various bio active compounds found in green tea and their benefits.

They also give links to studies that suggest compounds in green tea can be seen to make you smarter by improving your brain function.

Other highlights are the section about how green tea increases how much fat your body burns and how it can improve physical performance.

The authority nutrition website is designed to help people make informed decisions about their health, they pride themselves on providing their readers with backing up their claims with relevant scientific studies.

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