Get Bikini Ready With A Teatox

Your holiday is looming and you want to feel comfortable and look great in your bikini. A Teatox can help you burn more fat, improve the quality of your skin and hair whilst helping you feel energised and motivated to hit the gym.

What Is A Teatox?

A Teatox is a type of detox, a way to cleanse your body of nasty toxins in your digestive system. A Teatox uses green tea flushes the toxins out while you avoid consuming more. A Teatox cleanse is normally taken over 14 – 28 Days.

Why Do I Need To Teatox?

Toxins are nasty little things and a high level of them could be looming in your body. Toxins prevent your body from burning as much fat, they essentially prevent your body from performing your bodily functions as they should.

Removing toxins can help your body perform functions like burning fat correctly.

How Does A Teatox Work?

A Teatox harnesses the natural antioxidants within green tea to flush out the toxins in your body. Whilst our luxury great tasting tea starts flushing out the toxins our flexible eating plan helps you avoid consuming more.

Try A 14 Day Teatox For Only £9.99

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