Who Are D3TOX


Who Are D3TOX?

We are D3TOX and we love tea! especially green and herbal teas. We also love helping people feel healthy and confident.

At our base in the UK, we design 100% natural green teas and we are on a mission to promote an active, healthy and balanced lifestyle.

Our Detox Plan is not only a great way to kick start a healthier you but can also be added into an already active lifestyle.

Our premium green tea is specifically designed to help lose weight and remove toxins from your body.

We tried a teatox, and it didn’t work, it was just designed to be a laxative, we tried another and it was the same story. Horrible low quality green tea that made us feel rubbish.

The worst thing was that because we love green tea so much we were at least expecting the tea to taste good, no unfortunately not.

So we did some investigating, spoke with some expert tea blenders and nutritionists and together we came up with a super tasty teatox.

Our tea leaves are pan fried japanese sencha style tea leaves from the Hunan province of china grown 2500ft above sea level.

14 Day Teatox

Our 14 day teatox is infused with real strawberries and papaya for a unique delightful taste.

I feel absolutely amazing after my teatox, it was so easy to do and the tea tastes really great
Blackpool, UK
Wow, who would have thought a green tea would taste this good! You can smell the strawberry as soon as you open the box!
Leeds, UK
14 day teatox