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teatox tea bags

Teatox Tea Bags

Looking for Teatox tea bags? You’ve come to the right place!

We’re the first Teatox company to provide a delicious tasting luxury green tea with real strawberries that comes in handy pyramid bags.

What Are Teatox Tea Bags?

A teatox is a detox plan using green tea to perform an extensive cleanse of your digestive system.

By removing the toxins from your body you should be able to burn fat and calories more efficiently.

Our flexible eating plan then helps you avoid toxin rich foods.

Our luxury pan friend sencha green tea leaves from China are mixed with real strawberries and papaya then conveniently stored in pyramid tea bags.

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Why Teatox Teabags?

teatox-teabagsIt’s a common misconception that loose leaf tea is of better quality than bagged tea.

We use only the highest quality pan friend sencha green tea from China in our teatox tea bags.

Our teatox is designed to be a lot more convenient than other diet plans so having easy to to brew tea bags are preferred over loose tea.

You don’t miss out on any of the green tea goodness or flavours by using bags at all so they’re perfect for a teatox!

You still get all the antioxidants and fresh flavours from our green tea in our teatox tea bags so there’s no need to use loose tea.

Teatox Tea Bag Reviews

Kelly from London had avoided trying a teatox before as she didn’t really like green tea and didn’t want to have the fuss of using loose tea.

“This really is the most straight forward diet i’ve tried and just happened to be the most effective too. I just had to drink a delicious cup of strawberry green tea once a day and follow a flexible eating plan”

Sandra from Portsmouth switched to D3TOX from another teatox provider as she didn’t like the hassle of loose tea.

“I really want to hug the man that invented tea bags, it’s so much easier and I love the strawberry taste and smell of the teatox teabags.”

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You maybe wondering “Where can i buy teatox in the uk?” well you don’t just want any old teatox do you?

You want the best teatox in the UK, thankfully you’ve come to the right place.

Our teatox is unique as we understand that not everyone likes the taste of normal green teas.

The luxury loose leaf green tea in our teatox is infused with real freeze dried Strawberries and Papaya for a deliciously fresh taste.

If you are looking to buy a teatox in the UK then try our delicious strawberry flavoured green tea. Only £9.99

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Why Should I Buy My UK Teatox From You

Well like you we were looking for a plan to help us achieve our long term weight goals.

We tried the Cambridge diet, the juice diet and even another teaotox.

The Cambridge diet left us feeling dizzy and low on energy, our work and lifestyle were affected massively as we just couldn’t find the energy to do most things.

The juice diet was messy, time consuming and became very expensive after buying all the kit and fresh fruit on a regular basis. We also became very, very hungry and just put all the weight back on after we finished the diet.

We tried another teatox but the tea really wasn’t very tasty too and there wasn’t very much information on what foods we should eat.

That’s why we created our own teatox with a unique flexible eating plan.

Our Green Tea is a luxury blend of pan fried sencha leaves from china infused with strawberry and papaya.

The tea flushes all the toxins out of your body while the flexible eating plan helps you avoid consuming any more toxins.

Too many toxins in your body could be stopping you from burning as much fat and calories as you could be without them. Toxins can also be the cause of disease, bad hair and skin.

Where can I buy teatox in the UK

TeatoxYou can buy your very own teatox from an independent UK company that want to help you achieve your long term goals.

Start burning fat and feeling energised with our delicious green tea. There’s no need to starve yourself or buy any expensive equipment.

It’s a natural, easy way to help you optimise how your body burns fat and calories.

If you are looking to buy a teatox in the UK then try our delicious strawberry flavoured green tea. Only £9.99

Get your Teatox Now

The 2015 teatox diet will help you cleanse your system, have you feeling energised whilst kick starting your metabolism into shape.

Start 2015 as you mean to go on with a healthy lifestyle with long term goals.

What Is The 2015 Teatox Diet

Our 2015 Teatox diet isn’t really a diet. It’s a cleanse of your digestive system of toxins that could be stopping you from burning as much fat and calories as you should.

Toxins aren’t great for you body, the can be the cause of bad skin, disease.

The green tea in our teatox is a natural detox, rich in antioxidants designed to flush out the toxins in your body.

Our flexible eating plan will help you avoid replenishing toxins by avoiding the foods and drinks that are toxin rich.

The 2015 Teatox is designed to flush toxins out of your body whilst helping you to prevent consuming more toxins.

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Why Should I Go On The 2015 Teatox Diet?

Have you tried a traditional diet but not been able to achieve your long term weight goals?

Have you found traditional diets too restrictive? Does a traditional diet not fit into your modern fast paced lifestyle?

How about a cup of delicious green tea once a day and a flexible eating plan that will fit around your busy lifestyle?

Many people in 2014 tried the juice diet but found it expensive, time consuming and found themselves starving by lunchtime.

The D3TOX 2015 teatox diet is affordable, flexible and won’t leave you crying our for your next meal.

The 2015 teatox diet won’t break the budget and will fit around your busy lifestyle. Meals take 15 minutes to prepare and you get to choose your favourite dish each day.

Where Can I Get The 2015 Teatox Diet?

2015 teatox dietOur teatox is available exclusively on our website but will soon be stocked nationwide in a number of independent health stores.

Our website has been designed to make your transaction as straight forward as possible. Once your order is complete your teatox will be delivered straight away by royal mail’s first class delivery service.

Want to try our 2015 teatox diet?

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A teatox is quite a new term used to describe detox plan using tea, which would normally be a green tea blend.

Green tea is rich in antioxidants one of the reasons why it is the most healthiest drink you can find on our lovely little planet.

A teatox is designed to rid your body of toxins that preventing your body from burning fat at your optimum rate. A number of people are turning to a teatox as an alternative to a juice diet, or other form of diet.

Why Teatox?

TeatoxSo why do people choose a teatox over a diet? Specifically a juice diet?

Cost The cost of all the fresh fruit and vegetables required to make all the juice drinks can become quite costly. A lot of juicers on the market can also be quite expensive, everything adds up!
Fasting Most juice diets require you to only drink the juice drinks themselves, some people find it hard to complete a juice diet as they are so hungry. It’s a massive change from their normal diet that it’s hard to complete.
Time The time it takes to prepare all the juices can become too much for people with busy modern lifestyles.
Long Term Results If you are fasting on a juice diet and make no long term changes to your lifestyle you will most likely put the weight back on that you lost on a juice diet.

Our teatox comes with a free flexible eating plan with hints and tips for when you get hungry. We do not support the idea of you starving yourself for short term results.

What kind of tea is there in a teatox?

TeatoxThe tea in our teatox is a unique blend of sencha green tea leaves infused with Strawberries and Papaya for a distinctively fruit, fresh taste.

Our luxury loose tea comes in premium pyramid tea bags to make it quicker and easier for you to brew.

Simply add your tea bag to boiling water as you normally would and get brewing.

Our Teatox tastes amazing! You smell the delicious Strawberry flavours as soon as you open the packet.

Where can I get a teatox?

We are currently looking for independent health stores to stock our delicious green to but at the moment the only place you can buy our teatox is online.

We have made buying our teatox really simple with our easy to use checkout.

Once your order is confirmed we will post it straight away using royal mail’s first class delivery service.

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Why is the D3TOX Teatox the best?

We believe our teatox is head and shoulders above the rest for two main reasons.

Taste a lot of people seem put off trying a teatox because they do not like green tea. Those people obviously haven’t tried our green tea yet!

We use luxury green tea leaves that are pan fried and then combined with freeze dried Strawberries and Papaya.

We get great feedback on the taste and smell of our tea.

Flexible eating plan we do not believe that you need to starve your self to reach your weight goals. If your body can burn fat and calories at your optimum then achieving long term goals can become easier.

Our flexible eating plan is full of a great range or meals that are easier to prepare and can be on your plate within 15 minutes.

It’s not strict or regimented in any way. Just choose from a selection of dishes at each point during the day.

Drink plenty of water and munch on a piece of dark chocolate if you find yourself hungry in between meals.

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Can you eat during a teatox? I don’t want to starve!

We often get asked if you can eat during a teatox?

Well the answer is yes, we would never encourage anyone to starve themselves.

Our teatox comes with a free flexible eating plan. The eating plan is not a strict diet and you will enjoy preparing and eating the healthy meals.

There is no meat in our flexible eating plan as meat contains some of the toxins that you are trying to remove during the teatox.

Our teatox comes with a free flexible eating plan. There is no meat within the plan as meats can be toxin rich.

What can you eat during a teatox?

Our flexible eating plan is full of loads of tasty meals that can be prepared in under 15 minutes.

We recommend fruit, fish and fresh vegetables to form a key part of your diet during a teatox.

For example you could have:

Can you eat during a teatox?For breakfast
1 wholemeal fruit scone with 2 tsp low- fat spread and a handful of grapes.

Mid morning snack
100g reduced-fat hummus and carrot sticks.

For lunch
½ carton fresh minestrone soup with 1s mall wholemeal roll and 1 orange

Mid afternoon snack
2 oat cakes with 2tbsp cottage cheese and 2 sliced tomatoes.

For dinner
Omelette made using 1tsp sunfloweroil,½ smallred onion,a handful of mushrooms, ½ redpepper, ½ greenpepper, ½ courgette, 3eggs, 1tbspskimmed milk and 2tbsp grated reduced-fat Cheddar. Serve with salad.

This is just one example day. There are different meals for each time of day, you just need to choose one option from the list.

The eating plan you will receive with your teatox is very flexible, there are several options for each meal of the day. Just choose what you fancy.

Try A 14 Day Teatox For Only £9.99

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If you would like to learn more about toxins in food then we recommend the Chris Kesser website and especially the article called 9 Steps To Perfect Health – #1: Don’t Eat Toxins

does teatox work

Does Teatox Work? Find Out Everything You Need Here

We wouldn’t do what we do if it didn’t! We have worked with nutritionists and tea blending experts to create a green tea that helps you burn more fat, cleanse your digestive system and help you feel great.

What Is a Teatox

We have already written a more definitive guide to explain what a teatox is in a previous post. But essentially a teatox is a detox plan that uses green tea. Our teatox uses a premium green tea blend combined with Strawberries and Papaya for a delicious and fresh flavour.

The Shape website have also written an article explaining in more detail what a teatox is. The investigate the reasons for trying one, the main one being that juice diets aren’t very tasty!

How Does Teatox Work

Does Teatox WorkBy drinking our unique green tea blend and following our flexible eating plan you will flush your body of nasty toxins that prevent your body from performing it’s functions at it’s best. Toxins can cause tissue damage, disease and prevent weight loss.

Our green tea comes in handy easy to brew pyramid bags, we take only the finest tea leaves grown in the Hunan province of China. The leaves are pan fried and infused with real Strawberries and Papaya for a refreshing fruity taste.

Did The Teatox Work For Your Other Customers?

We have plenty of positive customer reviews and we regularly have new orders from people that have been referred by a friend or relative!

How Do I Brew Your Tea

Brewing the tea in our teatox couldn’t be easier. We’ve picked the best quality loose tea and bagged it in our premium pyramid bags. Add boiling water from the kettle and you’re done. It may help you to read our article on what kind of water you should use to brew green tea Otherwise it really is that simple.