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teatox safe

Is Teatox Safe – You Must Read This Before You Buy One

Is A Teatox safe? There are rumours they are just a laxative! Well the truth is it depends which one you try.

We can confirm that this teatox is not a laxative, is 100% natural and actually tastes really great too!

So What Is A Teatox Really?

A Teatox is a form of detox using tea, normally green tea but rooibos (red bush) can be used too.

Green tea is a natural antioxidant, in fact it’s packed with them.

Toxins prevents your body from functioning at it’s highest level, especially when burning fat.

So a teatox is quite a simple process really, remove the toxins, don’t consume too many more and your body could become a fat burning machine.

Why Do People Teatox?

A lot of people seem to teatox to lose weight but green tea has lots of other health benefits too.

The Chinese have been harnessing the health benefits of green tea for thousands of years.

You should find with any detox that the quality of your hair, skin and teeth should improve too.

Is A Teatox Safe?

Yes, well our teatox is safe as we only blend 100% natural ingredients with our luxury tea.

You could not find a drink safer than the healthiest drink in the world – green tea. We only use quality natural ingredients in our tea, our daytox is a blend of Japanese style pan fried green sencha leaves combined with real strawberries and papaya.

What Have Others Said About Our Teatox?

Tasha at The Elsie Delilah website went teatotal for January She tried the 14 day teatox with our tasty strawberry flavour. She found it delicious.

Tasha drinks alot of coffee and snacks a little bit too much. Her skin suffered from it as well as always feeling bloated and lazy. The teatox helped clear her skin and give her metabolism a kick start leaving her feeling much more energised!

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buy alcohol detox tablets

Buy Alcohol Detox Tablets But You Must Read This First

There are a number of places you can buy alcohol detox tablets but you might just want to find out exactly what they are, what’s in them and if there are any alternatives.

What Are Alcohol Detox Tablets

Alcohol detox tablets are little capsules some people take after a heavy bingo on drink. Whether it be lager, wine or spirits alcohol can have massive effects on our bodies.

Detox tablets will normally contain a lot of green tea due to it’s naturally high levels of antioxidants.

Due check the label and list of ingredients before you buy alcohol detox tablets and make sure they are from a trusted source.

Why Would You Buy Alcohol Detox Tablets

buy alcohol detox tabletsIf you are feeling the effects of a heavy night out or weekend away on the booze you might be feeling very hung over. There could still be alcohol in your system but also lots of toxins left behind.

These toxins are preventing your body from functioning properly and could be one of the main reasons why you feel so rubbish.

Flushing out these toxins will have you feeling like yourself again.

But why would you buy tablets when there are other natural alternatives out there?

Why not go to the source and drink some green tea rather than buy alcohol detox tablets?

What About Drinking Green Tea Instead?

Green Tea is the healthiest drink you can find on our planet, even healthier than water itself.

You could harness the power of green tea with a 14 day Teatox cleanse rather than buy alcohol detox tablets.

A Teatox is a 14 or 28 day cleanse that naturally rids the toxins in your body that are preventing your bodily functions from performing at 100%.

The Teatox comes with enough delicious tasting tea to get you through your cleanse and a flexible eating plan that won’t make you starve.

What Should I Eat On A Detox

We have written a more in depth article called “Can I eat on a teatox?” if you want more detailed information.

You do not need to starve yourself on a detox or Teatox you just need to eat the right things. Meat for example contains certain toxins that you will be flushing out so it would be best to avoid them during your clanse, especially red meats.

Our 14 day teatox comes with a flexible eating plan that gives you lots of choice and ideas for snacks too.

So rather than buy alcohols detox tablets why not try a natural alternative instead and have a teatox cleanse.

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If you have an alcohol addiction or dependence please seek the NHS for guidance

best green tea weight loss brand

Best green tea weight loss brand

So you are looking to shed a few pounds and you’ve done your research. You know that green tea has loads of health benefits. One of these benefits is that because of it’s natural antioxidants it can help you lose weight. You know all that and now you need to find the best green tea weight loss brand in the UK?

Before we set our case for being the best green tea weight loss brand in the UK (because we have the tastiest tea on the market) lets just cover how green tea can benefit you.

Exactly How Does Green Tea Help With Weight Loss

Depending on your diet and lifestyle you may have a high amount of toxins in your digestive system. If you have been binge drinking at the weekends or have a little eating binge on fatty foods you could be suffering from this problem.

You might find your nails, hair, skin and teeth and in the best condition either.

Alochol and junk food contain certain toxins that could be causing all of the above symptoms.

Green Tea is a powerful antioxidant and can help flush these toxins away if you drink it regularly or as part of a 14-28 day cleanse.

If during your cleanse you avoid in taking further toxins you should find that you are feel more energetic and the condition of you skin is much better. You should also find that your body is functioning much better in terms of the rate that you are burning fat.

Why Are D3TOX The Best Green Tea Weight Loss Brand In The UK?

We strongly believe that our green tea is so popular because of the taste. Many people have avoided harnessing the many great benefits of green tea simply because the do not like the taste!

Our daytox usually taken once every morning as part of your teatox cleanse is a mixture of luxury sencha green tea leaves from China infused with real Strawberries and Papaya.

If brewed correctly (from 2-4 minutes) you will find this delicate blend irresistibly delicate and fruity.

Our Nightox is a 100% zero caffeine herbaceous mix of Rosehip, Anise, Raspberry, Nettle, Liquorice, Cardamom, Rooibos, Clove, Calendula and Safflower Petals.

The Nightox should be brewed for 6 – 8 minutes to allow all those natural ingredients to combine together to make the ultimate detoxing tea.

So there you have it, that’s why we think we are the best green tea weight loss brand in the UK. It’s all down to the finest ingredients and beautifully tasting tea that really does help you with your weight loss.

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Best Green Tea Weight Loss Brand?

Our customer’s seem to think so!

Our customer’s love the taste of our tea and the results it brings them!

But it’s not all about the tea if you want to lose weight.

Our delicious green tea is just part of the process.

Our flexible eating plan is also a huge part of your detox. It’s no good flushing out all those toxins if you’re just going to refill them by eating unhealthily.

Our flexible eating plan helps you avoid that by offering a delicious range of quick to prepare healthy meals.

Which are of course designed to reduce your intake of toxins.

What Is A Teatox? Watch Our Video To find Out

Are D3tox Really The Best Green Tea Weight Loss Brand?

Our prices are low and the quality of our tea is extremely high.

That’s why our customer’s think we are the best.

“I’ve never really liked green tea before, that’s until I tried this strawberry flavour green tea. You really should give it a go”
Nadia, London

“Wow the smell of strawberries when you open the box! I knew it was going to be good!”
Katy, Edinburgh

“I’ve tried a few but in my opinion this was the best green tea i’ve tried”
Charlie, Luton

Best Green Tea Weight Loss Brand Only £9.99

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leave the bag in green tea

Do you leave the tea bag in green tea

Leave the Tea Bag in green tea or Take it Out?

When it comes to brewing green tea correctly there are two schools of thought. There are those that are strict in their belief that the tea bag should be taken out of the cup at precisely the right time otherwise the tea is sub-standard. On the other hand, there are those that that the practice of taking the tea bag out is not going to affect the quality of the tea. The answer to this question is dependent on many factors.

Etiquette – Should I Leave The Tea Bag In Green Tea

For the traditional tea drinker the rules are strict. The hot water must be poured over the tea and the tea steep for three to five minutes. No more and no less otherwise the tea is more suitable for animal consumption rather than for the enjoyment of humans. Those that stick to this stringent way of tea drinking cannot and will not be deterred. It is the traditional way of drinking tea. It is the way their parents, grandparents, and great grandparents drank tea so, to them, it is the only way.

Science Of The Green Tea Brew

Scientifically, different teas have different chemical make ups and properties. Black teas are the stronger teas so leaving the bag in will only intensify the flavour. Green tea is traditionally brewed to be lighter in both flavour and colour. Green tea is also more delicate and should only be steeped for around three minutes. The differences in teas come down to the tannins in them. Tannins are the flavour notes of the teas. Just like in wines, teas contain tannins as well. Black teas contain more tannins, thus more flavour. To extract all the tannins from green tea it would have to be left in the water for a longer period of time.

The Flavour Impact

green teaGreen teas are good for detoxification. If using green teas to detox your body it is important to test your body’s reactions to both leaving the bag in and taking it out. As stated before the longer the bag is left in the tea the more intense the flavour and also the bitterness that is sometimes associated with green tea. Taking the tea bag out at the traditional three minute mark will produce a fragrant, but not too bitter tea. The lighter taste of the tea will keep you from adding sugars and flavourings to the tea to make it taste better. The bitterness with intensify if the bag is left in and the temptation to add flavourings will be high and these flavourings, although enjoyable, are not always good for detoxing your body.

What do the Experts Say?

As stated earlier, the chemical make up of green tea is very delicate. According to the experts the tea bag should be removed promptly at three minutes. Unlike black tea, brewing green tea for too long can actually burn the tea leaves. The burned tea leaves give off a bad almost putrid flavour. Over steeping green tea is a common mistake.

Health Benefits of Green Tea

Green tea has long been used by many cultures to fight multiple diseases and improve people’s overall health. Along with how to brew green tea properly, we would like to look at the health benefits of green tea.

Weight Loss With Green Tea

Everyone these days is trying to lead a healthier lifestyle. We as a people have become overweight and looking for ways to help lose a few extra pounds. Green tea can boost your metabolism, giving you more energy. Having more energy will make you want to get out and do something instead of wasting hours on the couch watching television.

Green Tea Lowers Bad Cholesterol

High cholesterol is bad business. There are two types of cholesterol. Green tea works to lower bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol levels.

Green Tea and Diabetes

Green tea will not cure diabetes, but it can help regulate glucose levels naturally. Drinking green tea on regular bases will help to level out sugar levels and cut out those unwanted sugar spikes.

Reduce Wrinkles

There are countless numbers of wrinkle reducing products on the market that claim to take years off of your appearance. The truth is that there is no topical cream that will effectively reduce wrinkles. These creams merely fill in the gaps for a while and act more like spackle than anything else. The saying that true beauty comes from within is correct. Drinking green tea will help to rehydrate skin. Hydrated skin is the key to younger looking skin.

Green tea is truly an awesome drink. It has been used for thousands of years by a variety of cultures and is not going away any time soon. The final answer to the question of should the tea bag be left in or taken out. All evidence points to the fact that the tea bag should be taken out. Green tea is far too delicate and should be handled with care, so next time you are going to enjoy a cup of green tea remember to only brew for three minutes and promptly remove the bag to enjoy all the aromas, flavors, and health benefits of green tea.

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Looking For A Really Tasty Detoxing Green Tea?


Teatoxify your life – Dieters Have Been Waiting For This!

The new way to cleanse in 2015 is to teatoxify, and it’s the simplest and most natural way to help you achieve your goals.

What Does Teatoxify Mean?

If you teatoxify, you a are performing a teatox. Which is essentially a detox using the natural antioxidants in green tea.

Green tea has been used for hundreds of years in China for it’s health benefits and healing properties.

It is widely thought of as the healthiest drink you can get, even more than water!

If you would like more information on the health benefits of Green Tea we have written a post called Green Tea Is It Really That Healthy

If I Teatoxify Will I Lose Weight?

The toxins in your body could be preventing you from burning as much despite all your efforts in the gym.

They can also lead to a number of diseases too.

If you perform one of our teatoxes you will be flushing these toxins away whilst avoiding consuming too many more.

This should leave you feeling energised, motivated and help you burn more fat and calories.

Sounds Great But I don’t Like The Taste Of Green Tea!

This is how are company was born, we wanted to provide a delicious tasting detoxing green tea.

We achieved it by infusing strawberry and papaya with luxury loose leaf green tea leaves from China.

Our evening tea is also a delicate herbaceous mix with spices such as cloves and cardamom provide wonderful warmth which is balanced by the addition of Rose Hip, Anise, Liquorice, Nettle and Raspberry.

If you want to read more about our green tea, go check out our post purely about our Strawberry Tea

Has It Worked For Anyone Else?

It worked for us! Another reason why we started the company.

We have loads of customers who order out teatox regularly as they love the taste and the programme works for them.

A number of customers love our flexible eating plan as they have loads of options for each meal and they don’t have to starve themselves.

We even allow you to nibble on a bit of dark chocolate in between meals if you feel really peckish!.

Want to try our Teatox?

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What Is The Green Tea Diet

What Is The Green Tea Diet?

A new year, a new start, a new diet? What is the green tea diet?

It’s the time to start burning off the Christmas fat and you maybe looking for a new way to help you to achieve your weight loss goals.

The green tee diet, also known as a Teatox is becoming ever increasingly popular.

What Is The Green Tea Diet?

Green Tea is commonly known as the healthiest drink you can get! if you don’t believe us check out our post called Green Tea Is It Really That Healthy?.

Essentially green tea is full of antioxidants that can help get rid of the toxins in your body that are preventing you from burning as much fat.

While you are flushing out your toxins you need to make sure you aren’t eating and drinking more toxins.

This would undo all the good you are doing by drinking green tea regularly.

Why Should I Try The D3TOX Green Tea Diet

Well, we see diets as strict and regimented plans that starve you and that’s the exact opposite of we propose.

We prefer to call it a Teatox.

Our Teatox comes with a flexible eating plan that makes sure you eat regularly throughout the day.

We have created loads of easy to prepare healthy meals that will keep your hunger pangs at bay.

We also have premium luxury Green Tea with awesome flavours that you will actually enjoy drinking everyday.

What Kind Of Green Tea Should I Drink?

We provide a choice of plans here on our own website; the 14 day teatox, the Ultra 14 Day Teatox and the 28 Day Teatox.

The 14 day teatox comes with 14 days worth of our unique Strawberry green tea. It’s a glorious mix of freeze dried strawberries and papaya placed amongst premium quality sencha green tea leaves from China.

The strawberry green tea is taken once a day, usually in the morning. A great start to your day!

What is the green tea dietThe Ultra 14 day teatox has the same green tea as the 14 day teatox but with the addition of the herbaceous nightox.

The nightox is a delicious blend of spices such as cloves and cardamom provide wonderful warmth which is balanced by the addition of Rose Hip, Anise, Liquorice, Nettle and Raspberry.

As the name suggests it’s taken shortly before bed and is completely caffeine free.

Want To Try A Teatox?

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Green Tea Diet

Green Tea Diet – Facts & Reviews

The green tea diet needs a bit of explaining as green tea is just part of how this diet helps you loose weight. Green tea is the healthiest drink you can get on the whole entire planet but you do need to understand how it will help you reach your weight loss goals.

What Is The Green Tea Diet

The green tea diet harnesses the power of green tea in detoxing your body.

These nasty little toxins stop your body from burning fat and calories at your optimum rate.

The more toxins you have in your body the harder it is to burn fat. If you detox your body and regulate the amount of toxins you consume all your hard work will pay off with better results.

Green Tea DietGreen tea is a 100% natural antioxidant that attacks and flushed toxins from your body.

Our green tea diet plan (also known as a teatox) will provide you with a completely natural way to detox and offer you guidance on how to reduce your intake of toxins.

We provide a free flexible eating plan with our teatox allowing you the freedom to choose your meals but regulate the amount of toxins you consume at the same time.

Want more information on our green tea diet teatox?

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Green Tea Diet Reviews

green tea dietMollie from Spalding in Lincolnshire was spending a lot of time in the gym and the pool but wasn’t burning as much fat as she liked.

She tried dieting before but it didn’t give her enough energy to work out.

“I enjoy exercising and going to the gym but I have a habit of drinking too much at the weekends.

It turns out all the toxins in alcohol were preventing me from losing weight.

I tried the green tea diet teatox from D3TOX and started seeing results pretty quickly.

I wasn’t starving and I was full of energy, I started working out more often and the pounds came crashing off.

I cringe when I see my old photos where I was a bit chubby and had awful skin. Now I love my body.”

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Strawberry Tea

Strawberry Tea – Get the best tasting Green Tea in the UK

Are you looking for a delicious tasting strawberry tea?

Would you be keen to know that our unique green tea has some amazing added health benefits?

Our strawberry tea is part of our very popular teatox because of it’s naturally high level of antioxidants.

What Is a Teatox?

A teatox is essentially a detox with tea.

Our unique blend of strawberry tea includes luxury pan fried sencha green tea leaves infused with real strawberries and naturally dried papaya.

Drinking our tea once a day will give your digestive system and intensive cleanse removing loads of toxins along the way.

If you follow our flexible eating plan you will also avoid consuming too many more toxins leaving you feel energised and motivated.

The toxins in you body could be preventing you from burning as much fat as you could be doing without them.

This process should make your exercise regime pay off with better results!

High levels of toxins in your body could be preventing you from burning high levels of calories and fat.

Why Strawberry Tea?

Not many people like the bland taste of a ‘normal’ green tea but want to have the added health benefits of drinking green tea.

That’s why our strawberry tea has become so popular, it’s an incredibly healthy drink that tastes great, is 100% natural and is really easy to prepare!

Our strawberry tea is infuses real freeze dried strawberries with naturally dried papaya for a delicately fresh taste.

Why Try Our D3TOX Strawberry Tea?

After trying the juice diet we got a bit fed up with the time it took not only to prepare fresh juices each day, but the time it took to clean up afterwards.

We lost a few pounds but put it straight back on again.

We wanted a long term solution to hep us achieve our long term weight goals but would also fit into our busy lifestyle.

Our Strawberry tea is delicious and come with a flexible eating plan so you can try a 14 day teatox to see how you can make changes that will bring about long term results.

Try our Teatox Today, Only £9.99 for our 14 Day Teatox with free flexible eating plan.

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For more information on the health benefits of strawberry tea try the diet health club website

green tea diet

Green Tea Diet and Why You Shouldn’t Try It

What Is A Green Tea Diet?

Let’s get one thing straight, Green Tea can help you lose weight and feel great. It is a natural detox drink and the most healthiest drinks of all!

A Green Tea diet however is a strict regimented routine that will not provide long term results.

Drinking green tea with a flexible eating plan to detox your body, can help you achieve your goals.

Green Tea can help you lose weight, but try a flexible eating plan rather than a strict diet. A change in your lifestyle will help you reach long term goals.

How Can Green Tea Help

green tea dietGreen Tea provides a number of health benefits to the body, it can flush out toxins and can kill some bacteria.

Green Tea could help:

Increase your metabolism Your metabolic rate is the speed that your body burns fat. Drinking Green Tea in the morning with a healthy breakfast along with some excercise can help increase your metabolism and help you burn more fat.

Detox The toxins in your body could be restricting you from burning an optimum amount of fat. Green Tea is a natural antioxidant and has been drunk for centuries making it a safe and trusted way to detox.

By drinking our unique premium green tea blend combined with our flexible eating plan you can help increase your metabolism and burn more fat. Try our 14 Day Teatox to see how much more fat you could burn.

More Information On Green Tea Diets

If you would like more information on the proven health benefits of green tea we recommend you read an article on the authority nutrition website. The 10 Proven Benefits of Green Tea article looks at the various bio active compounds found in green tea and their benefits.

They also give links to studies that suggest compounds in green tea can be seen to make you smarter by improving your brain function.

Other highlights are the section about how green tea increases how much fat your body burns and how it can improve physical performance.

The authority nutrition website is designed to help people make informed decisions about their health, they pride themselves on providing their readers with backing up their claims with relevant scientific studies.

Find Out More About Our 14 Day Teatox + Flexible Eating Plan

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Tap Water For Green Tea

Should I Use Tap Water For Green Tea?

Water For Green TeaThat’s a question we sometimes get asked when out customers first try our 14 day teatox. Should I use bottled water, water straight from the tap or would it be best if I use a brita filter?

Comparing all the different types of bottled water might be a whole other subject, as there’s so many different types in different countries. There have been claims that some bottled water is just recycled tap water! We’re not going to dive into that controversial subject just yet! For the record we drink loads of bottled water in the office!

We’re based in the UK and unlike some other parts in the world it is actually ok to drink from the tap in our country and we normally go for that option. But we do have an ever increasing customer base growing world wide so we did a bit of research on the subject and came across the art of japanese tea blog.

Bottled Water, Filtered or Tap Water for Green Tea?

One of their authors ‘Griff’ produced an article called Water:What you need to know.

He explains the benefits and gives some great advice and how you can create the best brew with your green tea.

Griff uses a brita filter system before filling his kettle, but Brita sell a few models, and our next port of call is to see which brita filter system is best for us.

There’s a Brita comparison table on their website. Once we get ours sorted we’ll post a review.

Happy Brewing!