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Buy Alcohol Detox Tablets But You Must Read This First

There are a number of places you can buy alcohol detox tablets but you might just want to find out exactly what they are, what’s in them and if there are any alternatives.

What Are Alcohol Detox Tablets

Alcohol detox tablets are little capsules some people take after a heavy bingo on drink. Whether it be lager, wine or spirits alcohol can have massive effects on our bodies.

Detox tablets will normally contain a lot of green tea due to it’s naturally high levels of antioxidants.

Due check the label and list of ingredients before you buy alcohol detox tablets and make sure they are from a trusted source.

Why Would You Buy Alcohol Detox Tablets

buy alcohol detox tabletsIf you are feeling the effects of a heavy night out or weekend away on the booze you might be feeling very hung over. There could still be alcohol in your system but also lots of toxins left behind.

These toxins are preventing your body from functioning properly and could be one of the main reasons why you feel so rubbish.

Flushing out these toxins will have you feeling like yourself again.

But why would you buy tablets when there are other natural alternatives out there?

Why not go to the source and drink some green tea rather than buy alcohol detox tablets?

What About Drinking Green Tea Instead?

Green Tea is the healthiest drink you can find on our planet, even healthier than water itself.

You could harness the power of green tea with a 14 day Teatox cleanse rather than buy alcohol detox tablets.

A Teatox is a 14 or 28 day cleanse that naturally rids the toxins in your body that are preventing your bodily functions from performing at 100%.

The Teatox comes with enough delicious tasting tea to get you through your cleanse and a flexible eating plan that won’t make you starve.

What Should I Eat On A Detox

We have written a more in depth article called “Can I eat on a teatox?” if you want more detailed information.

You do not need to starve yourself on a detox or Teatox you just need to eat the right things. Meat for example contains certain toxins that you will be flushing out so it would be best to avoid them during your clanse, especially red meats.

Our 14 day teatox comes with a flexible eating plan that gives you lots of choice and ideas for snacks too.

So rather than buy alcohols detox tablets why not try a natural alternative instead and have a teatox cleanse.

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If you have an alcohol addiction or dependence please seek the NHS for guidance


Teatoxify your life – Dieters Have Been Waiting For This!

The new way to cleanse in 2015 is to teatoxify, and it’s the simplest and most natural way to help you achieve your goals.

What Does Teatoxify Mean?

If you teatoxify, you a are performing a teatox. Which is essentially a detox using the natural antioxidants in green tea.

Green tea has been used for hundreds of years in China for it’s health benefits and healing properties.

It is widely thought of as the healthiest drink you can get, even more than water!

If you would like more information on the health benefits of Green Tea we have written a post called Green Tea Is It Really That Healthy

If I Teatoxify Will I Lose Weight?

The toxins in your body could be preventing you from burning as much despite all your efforts in the gym.

They can also lead to a number of diseases too.

If you perform one of our teatoxes you will be flushing these toxins away whilst avoiding consuming too many more.

This should leave you feeling energised, motivated and help you burn more fat and calories.

Sounds Great But I don’t Like The Taste Of Green Tea!

This is how are company was born, we wanted to provide a delicious tasting detoxing green tea.

We achieved it by infusing strawberry and papaya with luxury loose leaf green tea leaves from China.

Our evening tea is also a delicate herbaceous mix with spices such as cloves and cardamom provide wonderful warmth which is balanced by the addition of Rose Hip, Anise, Liquorice, Nettle and Raspberry.

If you want to read more about our green tea, go check out our post purely about our Strawberry Tea

Has It Worked For Anyone Else?

It worked for us! Another reason why we started the company.

We have loads of customers who order out teatox regularly as they love the taste and the programme works for them.

A number of customers love our flexible eating plan as they have loads of options for each meal and they don’t have to starve themselves.

We even allow you to nibble on a bit of dark chocolate in between meals if you feel really peckish!.

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Green Tea Diet

Green Tea Diet – Facts & Reviews

The green tea diet needs a bit of explaining as green tea is just part of how this diet helps you loose weight. Green tea is the healthiest drink you can get on the whole entire planet but you do need to understand how it will help you reach your weight loss goals.

What Is The Green Tea Diet

The green tea diet harnesses the power of green tea in detoxing your body.

These nasty little toxins stop your body from burning fat and calories at your optimum rate.

The more toxins you have in your body the harder it is to burn fat. If you detox your body and regulate the amount of toxins you consume all your hard work will pay off with better results.

Green Tea DietGreen tea is a 100% natural antioxidant that attacks and flushed toxins from your body.

Our green tea diet plan (also known as a teatox) will provide you with a completely natural way to detox and offer you guidance on how to reduce your intake of toxins.

We provide a free flexible eating plan with our teatox allowing you the freedom to choose your meals but regulate the amount of toxins you consume at the same time.

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Green Tea Diet Reviews

green tea dietMollie from Spalding in Lincolnshire was spending a lot of time in the gym and the pool but wasn’t burning as much fat as she liked.

She tried dieting before but it didn’t give her enough energy to work out.

“I enjoy exercising and going to the gym but I have a habit of drinking too much at the weekends.

It turns out all the toxins in alcohol were preventing me from losing weight.

I tried the green tea diet teatox from D3TOX and started seeing results pretty quickly.

I wasn’t starving and I was full of energy, I started working out more often and the pounds came crashing off.

I cringe when I see my old photos where I was a bit chubby and had awful skin. Now I love my body.”

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6 Ways Your Body Could Benefit From A Detox

These days we live such busy lives that it can seem impossible to eat a diet that is full of all of the vitamins and minerals we need to in order to be as fit and healthy as possible. When we have the option to grab fast food or eat something that is easy to prepare, we often go for this option rather than creating something from scratch.

That is why sometimes it can be worth undertaking a detox. Whether you go for a skin detox, teatox or something else it can be beneficial to your body in so many ways that makes it so worthwhile. Giving our bodies a break from the bad foods we put in our body and flushing out our systems with something that has so many health benefits can help our bodies in so many ways.

Here are the 6 ways your body could benefit from a detox

  • Giving our bodies a break from the toxins that are in our body. Our bodies tend to have a build up toxins over the years which can lead up to feeling unhealthy so ridding our bodies of these can help us to feel much better.
  • If you have been eating badly then your metabolism can become sluggish and this can cause you to gain weight. When you undertake a detox you help your body to speed up its metabolism and as a result you’ll find it much easier to lose weight!
  • As well as a sluggish metabolism we can find ourselves having a lack of energy which is also down to a lack of the right food and drink going into our body. If you try out a detox you’ll find that your energy levels go through the roof.
  • Undertaking a detox can also help our bodies to build up a much stronger immune system. This can help to ensure that you get ill less often and help your body to feel much more energetic.
  • All of this can result in your skin becoming dull and dry which a skin detox can help with. A skin detox can help to give your skin a boost and help reduce acne as well as giving you a healthy glow.
  • There are detox types that you can try which will also leave your hair, teeth, nails etc feeling much better and stronger.

A detox is all about giving your body a break from the normal food you eat and instead filling yourself with the right mix of vitamins and minerals. Your body will benefit in so many ways and you’ll feel much better for it!


5 Benefits Of A Good Detox

What is a Detox?

A detox is a process of removing toxins from your body, toxins can cause disease and/or damage body tissue.

Why Detox

A good detox is a no brainer, it gets rid of toxins in your body and helps you feel healthy and fresh.

If you’re not totally convinced we’ve listed 5 reasons why detoxing is a great idea to help you feeling great.

1. Removal of toxins from your body.

        Toxins can be stored for years in your cells and the tissue of your body leaving you at risk of disease and could be one cause of obesity.

2. Boost your immune system

        Detoxing on a regular basis can help give your immune system a bit of a boost. A body full of toxins maybe susceptible to regular colds and flu making you feel down and groggy.

3. Lose weight

        Toxins in your body can most significantly affect your metabolic rate, the faster your metabolism the quicker your body can break down fats in your body. If you have a low metabolism you could find it hard to lose weight quicker than someone with a fast metabolism.

4. Feel more energetic

        Having a body free of toxins could help you feel much more energetic, helping you sleep better and feeling more relaxed.

5. Healthy looking skin

      the toxins in your body have a direct effect on the quality of your skin. Those who detox regularly have a healthy looking glow with a reduction of spots and acne.

How To Detox

DetoxA good detox isn’t a diet and shouldn’t be too regimented, a good food guide or flexible eating plan that contains foods that are low in toxins is more beneficial. Our 14 Day Teatox consists of a green tea that is designed to cleanse your digestive system whilst at the same time helping you to burn more fat and calories. It also comes with a free flexible eating plan full of easy to prepare meals that will help you achieve your personal goals.

Fasting or skipping meals is not healthy, yes you can reduce the amount of toxins in your body by not eating but this comes at a massive cost to your body and some very nasty side effects. We urge you to read the effects of fasting on the NHS website.

what is a teatox

What is a Teatox, Why is everyone raving about it?

So what is a teatox? Although green teas have been drunk throughout the ages especially in Asia the teatox is a new(ish) term.

The teatox is a revolutionary detox tea plan. That’s right a cup of tea that will detoxify your body. The “D3tox” teatox is specifically blended to get rid of those nasty toxins and have you feeling ship shape.

what is a teatoxThe Shape website claim the rise in popularity of the teatox is because people can’t stomach the green juice diets, and we would agree! We tried a juice diet and it got a bit messy in the kitchen and wasn’t very appetising (one of the reasons we created our own teatox!). If you want to read more of what shape has to say check our their article – Teatox: The Newest Way to Detox.

The detox tea is specially formulated to cleanse your body of toxins and is a delicious tasting hot beverage.

You’ll carry on drinking this tea after your detox plan is over because it is just that tasty.

Green Tea is well known as a healthy drink and forms a major part of our 14 day teatox along with our flexible healthy eating plan. But there maybe some benefits you are unaware of.

What is a teatox? A teatox is a detox using tea, normally green or rooibos tea. We use a luxury loose leaf sencha green tea infused with strawberry and papaya for a unique and deliciously fruity taste.

Benefits of the Green Tea in your Teatox

If you want some more detail on the benefits of green tea we would recommend this article on the raw food world website called Studies on green tea show even more significant health benefits

In the article they reveal some interesting results from nursing homes on how green tea seemed to increase mental health function.

Our Luxury loose leaf sencha green tea comes in handy easy to brew pyramid bags. It’s so simple and easy to make.

Tell me more about your teatox!

TeatoxOur Teatox combines our premium green tea blend infused with real strawberries and papaya with our 14 day flexible eating plan. The eating plan is a not a regimented diet, it includes a number of healthy meals that are easy to prepare, really tasty with simple to follow instructions.

Our teatox is designed to help you lose weight, remove toxins from your body and cleanse your digestive system. It should leave you feeling energised, motivated and active.

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