Can you eat during a teatox? I don’t want to starve!

We often get asked if you can eat during a teatox?

Well the answer is yes, we would never encourage anyone to starve themselves.

Our teatox comes with a free flexible eating plan. The eating plan is not a strict diet and you will enjoy preparing and eating the healthy meals.

There is no meat in our flexible eating plan as meat contains some of the toxins that you are trying to remove during the teatox.

Our teatox comes with a free flexible eating plan. There is no meat within the plan as meats can be toxin rich.

What can you eat during a teatox?

Our flexible eating plan is full of loads of tasty meals that can be prepared in under 15 minutes.

We recommend fruit, fish and fresh vegetables to form a key part of your diet during a teatox.

For example you could have:

Can you eat during a teatox?For breakfast
1 wholemeal fruit scone with 2 tsp low- fat spread and a handful of grapes.

Mid morning snack
100g reduced-fat hummus and carrot sticks.

For lunch
½ carton fresh minestrone soup with 1s mall wholemeal roll and 1 orange

Mid afternoon snack
2 oat cakes with 2tbsp cottage cheese and 2 sliced tomatoes.

For dinner
Omelette made using 1tsp sunfloweroil,½ smallred onion,a handful of mushrooms, ½ redpepper, ½ greenpepper, ½ courgette, 3eggs, 1tbspskimmed milk and 2tbsp grated reduced-fat Cheddar. Serve with salad.

This is just one example day. There are different meals for each time of day, you just need to choose one option from the list.

The eating plan you will receive with your teatox is very flexible, there are several options for each meal of the day. Just choose what you fancy.

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If you would like to learn more about toxins in food then we recommend the Chris Kesser website and especially the article called 9 Steps To Perfect Health – #1: Don’t Eat Toxins