Burn More Fat & Calories With a Teatox

You’re most likely here because you have been going to the gym, swimming or doing extra exercise that just hasn’t been paying off.

If you have been binge drinking or eating there could be a high level of toxins in your body, these toxins could be preventing you from burning as much fat as your efforts deserve. A Teatox can cleanse your body of these toxins allowing you to start seeing the results you crave from your exercise.

What Is A Teatox

A Teatox is a form of detox cleansing, it takes advantage of the powerful antioxidants within green tea.

Our luxury green tea is packed with antioxidants and comes with a flexible eating plan.

A Teatox cleanse can be taken over 14 or 28 days.

Why Should I Go On A Teatox

Do you find yourself frustrated by your lack of motivation and enthusiasm to exercise?

Do you expect to lose more weight after all your exercising?

Well it sounds like you should try a Teatox that will leave you feel energised and motivated whilst giving your metabolism a kick start.

If you have a high level of toxins in your body it could be preventing you from burning fat effectively no matter how hard you work.

How Does A Teatox Work?

A Teatox will flush the toxins out of your body whilst our flexible eating plan will help you from consuming more.

It’s that simple!

Our luxury sencha green tea leaves are infused with Strawberry and Papaya. This blend has been designed to maximise the health benefits of green tea whilst tasting great too!

After 14 days you will find yourself feeling great, your metabolism should be running at a higher rate leaving you feeling great. You’ll be back at the gym with the bit between your teeth but this time your efforts will be rewarded with more fat and calories burning off.

Try A 14 Day Teatox For Only £9.99

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