Bootea – What They Don’t Want You To Know

What Bootea probably wouldn’t like you to know is that there are a number of other teatox products available on the market.

Just look at all of them over on Amazon there’s a whole load of them varying in price.

You can even buy bootea from amazon!

Bootea – Why is it so popular?

Bootea was one of the first teatox products to market in the UK and they have a massive social media following.

Their branding, packaging and product photos look great too.

And they’ve even been mentioned by a few celebs too!

Bootea and the competition

A teatox is massively popular because it is a purely natural way to detox.

It’s popular amongst those who are trying to lose weight as shifting toxins could help you lose weight.

slendertoxteaSlendertoxtea is also a big player alongside bootea in the teatox market.

They both claim similar results with very similar looking products.

You also may have heard of The Little Health Company
and Skinny Detox the latter comes in cool little metal tins.

Also don’t forget you can try our very own 14 day teatox – the only strawberry flavoured teatox available. And also in our opinion the best tasting!

What Else Do Bootea Do?

Bootea have expanded their range away from their original tea product.

They also have their own diet pills healthy porridge oats and fruit smoothies.


In summary there are a lot of other teatox products out there so shot around have a look on websites like Amazon to see what’s available.

It maybe that bootea is the perfect fir fir for you, or you might like the look of other brands.

Take a look at the ingredients, make sure everything is 100% natural as tea should be.

Do the other teatox products come with a healthy eating plan? And do they explain what you can eat while you detox?

Check the reviews on Amazon too, they are a great indication of whether a product is good or not.