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Is Teatox Safe – You Must Read This Before You Buy One

Is A Teatox safe? There are rumours they are just a laxative! Well the truth is it depends which one you try.

We can confirm that this teatox is not a laxative, is 100% natural and actually tastes really great too!

So What Is A Teatox Really?

A Teatox is a form of detox using tea, normally green tea but rooibos (red bush) can be used too.

Green tea is a natural antioxidant, in fact it’s packed with them.

Toxins prevents your body from functioning at it’s highest level, especially when burning fat.

So a teatox is quite a simple process really, remove the toxins, don’t consume too many more and your body could become a fat burning machine.

Why Do People Teatox?

A lot of people seem to teatox to lose weight but green tea has lots of other health benefits too.

The Chinese have been harnessing the health benefits of green tea for thousands of years.

You should find with any detox that the quality of your hair, skin and teeth should improve too.

Is A Teatox Safe?

Yes, well our teatox is safe as we only blend 100% natural ingredients with our luxury tea.

You could not find a drink safer than the healthiest drink in the world – green tea. We only use quality natural ingredients in our tea, our daytox is a blend of Japanese style pan fried green sencha leaves combined with real strawberries and papaya.

What Have Others Said About Our Teatox?

Tasha at The Elsie Delilah website went teatotal for January She tried the 14 day teatox with our tasty strawberry flavour. She found it delicious.

Tasha drinks alot of coffee and snacks a little bit too much. Her skin suffered from it as well as always feeling bloated and lazy. The teatox helped clear her skin and give her metabolism a kick start leaving her feeling much more energised!

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