This year there is a brand new 2015 diet plan and it’s called the d3tox teatox.

It’s time to ditch the short term fad diets that just don’t work.

The 2015 Diet Plan That Is Designed For Long Term Results

Have you tried the juice diet but found it expensive, messy and time consuming?

Were you starving and put your weight back on as soon as you started eating again?

How does a diet plan that is affordable, easy to follow and designed for long term results sound?

The D3TOX Teatox is the 2015 Diet Plan designed for long term results.

The 2015 Diet Plan With A Flexible Eating Plan

Our flexible eating plan will allow you a great choice of meals and snacks during your teatox.

The flexible eating plan is designed to reduce your intake of toxins while our unique blend of green tea flushes the toxins out of your body.

A high level of toxins in your body can be reducing the amount of fat and calories you are burning. This 2015 diet plan is designed to reduce the amount of toxins in your body.

Why Teatox?

2015 diet planOur luxury green tea blend infused with Strawberries and Papaya is designed to give your digestive system a deep cleanse.

It also happens to smell and taste great!

The amount of toxins in your body could be affecting the rate you burn fat and calories.

Our Teatox is designed to flush the toxins out of your body whilst reducing the amount you consume. Leaving your body in the best shape to burn more fat and calories.

Burn more fat and calories by reducing the amount of toxins in your body with this new 2015 diet plan.

Teatox Reviews

We have had a number of customers try our teatox and give fantastic reviews.

Hannah from Edinburgh says “I was really hesitant about trying a teatox as I didn’t really like green tea. When I first opened my box of tea I could smell the fresh flavours.”

Not only did Hannah like our tea she got some great results.

“I was going to the gym every other day but didn’t find I was losing weight. I was watching my calorie intake but didn’t realise some food like most meats have toxins in them that could be stopping me from burning fat.

After a few days I felt really energised and lost 7lb on my 14 day teatox”

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